Vanik Italia S.p.A was established in 1996. It covers 80,000 square meters dedicated to sales, production, warehouse, logistics. Our turnover is €150.000.000. We have over 1000 employees. And we invested in technology and automation per year over €10.000.000

We are an international company, and we sell to all the continents. Our sales breakdown is the following
- 40% OEM
- 20% OES
- 40% Aftermarket

Vanik uses the most advanced manufacturing process and technology to produce the highest quality products. Vanik has the most advanced of testing equipment such as:
- Automatic Balancing Machines
- Spectrometer, Hardness control
- Tensile Test, Sand laboratory
- Metallographic
- And many other testing to insure to meet the O.E.M specifications and top level performance.


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